Sunday, August 5, 2012

Plum Infused Vodka - Step 1

The entire process will be listed here, when complete...

Step 1

Note:  There are 3 steps to this process.  Step 1 will take a few minutes to prepare and 6 weeks to sit.  Step 2 will take a few minutes to prepare and 6 weeks to sit and Step 3 will take a few minutes to prepare and 6 months to patient!

I don't know how other people get inspired and cook and create meals and spirits and concoctions... but I look up several or a dozen or so recipes.  Either online or in actual books and use the best points of each to make mine.  Now this doesn't usually work for baking and be careful and research well..

For the plum vodka, this is what I thought sounded best..

3 750ml bottle of 100+ proof vodka

approx 2 1/4 pounds of washed plums

down the road you'll need some sugar, but not right now...

Step 1:

wash the plums

Place the plums into a large (approx 1 gallon) airtight container and pour in the vodka


plums swimming the vodka

 Make sure to date the container you put the mixture in.....just in case you forget or you do more than one at a time, so you can keep track.

place the jar in box, to keep the light out...

 store in a cool, dark to the basement, mine goes...

set up a reminder, either in a smart phone, or a regular calendar...for 6 weeks ... in 6 weeks, you'll check on the'll need 3 cups of sugar another large airtight container...cheers!

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