Monday, August 6, 2012

Flavoring with Roses.....

Roses are beautiful...and smell great.

It's time to use them to up flavor profiles.  I can't wait to taste the infusions, and they sure are pretty while resting...The lovely jars are IKEA.  You can use any small jar you have on hand.

Honey, White Vinegar, Gin
Select tight, moist, non-wilted roses..

Aren't these Flowers from my boyfriend lovely...
The roses are from Whole Foods.

Clip close to the head of the flower

Give the roses a bath in running water to wash an impurities off

Pat dry with a clean paper towel and let air dry for 15 mins to get rid of any extra moisture.

I set mine under a ceiling fan, to help dry them

Drop a single bud into a small vase. I used 3 roses and 3 different liquids, you can do all three, or the ones you have on hand

They are going to be beautiful...

Pour in you liquids slowly...give them a gentle swirl 
White Vinegar


Make sure the roses are submerged

If you use honey or another thick liquid, make sure it gets underneath the rose

Bottom of Honey jar

Let sit for at least a week, give them a gentle swirl everyday.  I put the honey on the sunny back porch to warm it up a little and let the honey work it's magic...

The liquids will be fine indoors, but to help the honey get into the rose, I put the honey on the porch to warm it up



They sure are beautiful...I may never try and use them in cooking... :)

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